Family Nurturing

Family Nurturing's Community Collaborations for Children provides funding for community-based efforts that promote the safety and well-being of children and families. It provides funding to support a statewide network of community-based, prevention focused services for families and children. The child’s mental and physical health, safety and well-being are paramount concerns of CCC.


In Home

The Community Collaborations for Children (CCC) In Home Program provides trained, in-home family service associates to work in the home on a short-term basis with families. The associates identify family strengths as well as areas of concern. The strengths based approach to in home services is designed to promote safe, stable, healthy families and to prevent child abuse and neglect. Program staff also assists families in their ability to utilize community resources. Referrals are accepted through community partners, including but not limited to DCBS. Self-referrals are accepted. Family service associates are also trained facilitators for group parenting classes.

Regional Network

The Barren River Regional Network is comprised of community partners and parents who work to reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect in local communities as well as to strengthen parents and families. Goals include but are not limited to: prevent child abuse and neglect, develop leadership roles for meaningful involvement of parents in development, operation, evaluation and oversight of programs and services, build awareness of child abuse and neglect, and targeting and educating the local community.


A key goal of CCC is to increase the strength and stability of families and to prevent child abuse and neglect, thereby keeping children safely in their homes.

Funding Sources

Federal funds are distributed through the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department for Community-Based Services.