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Congratulations to Tracy Howard!!

Tracy has been featured as August’s Teacher of the Month on Teachstone, where our Children’s Services staff get a lot of research-based tools, knowledge, and skills to enhance their classroom instruction. Tracy has been employed with Community Action’s Head Start program for almost six years, and currently works with children at our Education & Human Services building (EHS). Teachstone recently interviewed Tracy about her experiences and challenges she has had as a teacher, such as being in a classroom where many of the children did not speak English.

Tracy overcame this challenge by using gestures and pictures with the children to help break down language barriers, and worked with the families to learn some basic words and phrases in the children’s native language. Her classroom also used Teachstone’s CLASS tools to help assess program quality and create professional development plans.

Tracy’s creativity and determination to communicate with her students earned her the nomination and the recognition she deserves! All of our Head Start teachers show dedication and commitment every day, and Tracy is just the latest example of that. Way to go!!

(For the full interview, please click here.)

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