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Weatherization Success Story

This is a before/after image of an attic in a recent home Weatherized by CASOKY.

Mrs. S. applied for Weatherization in August 2015 in the Allen County Community Action Center.

The Weatherization team inspected her property and found her eligible for the program and was able to make several changes to her home to improve her safety and well-being.
For Health and Safety we installed an Ashrae Fan in the bathroom, smoke and C/O alarms as well as a repair of her central heating and cooling unit, proper venting of cloths drier, and did pressure relief piping for her water heater.

Attic insulation was installed and increased the value from R11 to R-41. Floor insulation was also installed adding R-19 insulation where none previously existed. We also installed was CFL Light bulbs, insulated around her water line pipes and water heater tank, Duct Insulation was applied and duct sealing was performed.

The original blower door was 1700 the target was 1600 and that was surpassed. The final reading for the house was 1586 after our weatherization crew completed the renovations. 
Before Weatherization was performed on Mrs. S’s home she needed 28000 BTU’s to properly heat and after the weatherization process was completed her required heating need was reduced to 19000 BTU’s which will reduce her energy cost to heat her home.

Mrs. S was spending 21% of her income on heating and cooling cost before weatherization. Mrs. S’s energy consumption will be reduced dramatically due to being able to now use her heat pump and increased insulation levels and air sealing performed on her home.

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