RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program)

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program is looking for volunteers to participate with local non-profits in the Allen, Barren, Logan, Simpson, and Warren County areas. This is a national volunteer service operating through Community Action of Southern Kentucky. The program is open to all adults over the age of 55 who are dependable and willing to complete their assignment. Some of the current assignments are with the BGFD, local health departments, schools, senior centers, and many other agencies.

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Volunteer Opportunties

RSVP volunteer opportunities are as diverse and unique as our volunteers. Because we reach into so many counties RSVP is involved in a number of volunteer programs, some that transcend county lines and some which are localized to a need in that particular county. RSVP also conducts our own unique programs through Community Action and our partnership with Community Services.


RSVP is a volunteer program funded by the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS). RSVP began nationally in 1971, and is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation. It matches local needs with older Americans who are willing to help. Each year approximately 100 older Americans provide community service to around 7,000 individuals through an estimated 27 locally sponsored RSVP projects. Volunteers involved in this program serve in the areas of senior services, military support, children's services, health, safety, disaster preparedness and other community needs. Locally, volunteers serve in Allen, Barren, Logan, Simpson, and Warren counties. The average amount of service provided by volunteers varies with the average hours of service per month being about sixteen hours a month. Volunteers involved in this program serve in all areas of community needs.


To be eligible for enrollment as an RSVP volunteer, a person must be 55 years of age or older, willing to serve on a regular basis without compensation, and reside in or nearby the community served by RSVP. Eligible seniors serve anywhere from a few hours a month to almost full time, though the average commitment is four hours a week. Most volunteers are paired with local community organizations that are already helping to meet community needs.

Benefits of the Program

RSVP volunteers are not paid, but may request reimbursement for some costs incurred during service. RSVP provides appropriate volunteer insurance coverage, and volunteers receive pre-service orientation and in-service training from the agency or organization where they are placed.

Current RSVP Volunteers

Log into the system using one of the buttons below to log your hours or communicate with your RSVP Coordinator, Gwen Wood. You can also reach her at (270) 782-3162 ext. 126 or via email at

Funding Source

The program sponsored by Community Action of Southern Kentucky, Inc. receives an annual grant from the Corporation for National Service. Programs, Inc. In kind contributions, donations, and fundraising activities also provide vital support for the program.