Migrant and Seasonal Head Start


The Migrant Programs serves children birth to 5 years. The program promotes high quality, direct service delivery through collaboration, coordination, and alignment of high-quality services for children and families in Warren County. The Migrant Program serves a vital role in facilitating opportunities for and fostering new partnerships to build a sustainable, comprehensive early learning system for MHS children, families, and communities.

For Purpose of Migrant and Seasonal Head Start eligibility, a family with children under the age of compulsory school attendance who changed their residence by moving from one geographic location to another, either interstate or intrastate, within the preceding two years for the purpose of engaging in agricultural work an whose family income comes primarily from this activity.

Agriculture Work: The production of initial processing of crops, dairy products, poultry or livestock, as well as the cultivation or harvesting of trees that is preformed for wages or personal subsistence.

The major crop in Kentucky continues to be tobacco. Other high producing crops are berries, hay, wheat, soy beans, vegetables, trees harvesting, flowers, raising chickens and livestock for consumption will be regarded as agriculture work. This is not to be considered an exhaustive list of qualifying work.

To apply for services please contact:

Ricardo Cordova