Weatherization CARES Program

Weatherization and ATMOS Energy provide benefits to eligible households in the form of energy conservation improvements to the dwelling to reduce energy costs and give the occupants a safer and healthier environment. Our program is a proud partner of the Kentucky Housing Corporation.


To qualify, the annual household income must be at or below 200% of the federal income guidelines for the current year. Individuals who own their home or rent may be eligible for weatherization assistance. Single family homes, multi-family homes and mobile homes may be weatherized.

Application Process

Contact the Community Services Office in your county to make an appointment to process your application, or contact Trena Reed, Administrative Assistant for Weatherization, at (270) 782-3162 ext 313.

Information needed:

  1. Ownership verification.
  2. Total household income.
  3. Names and Social Security Numbers of all household members.
  4. Fuel usage information-vendor’s name, address, customer’s name and account number. Get a print out for the past 12 months if possible.


The benefits are designed to reduce heating costs by making the dwelling more energy efficient, and to provide a healthier, safer and more comfortable environment. Heating systems are also evaluated for safety, energy efficiency, fuel leaks and carbon monoxide.

Studies have shown that a household saves approximately $400-$600 annually in energy costs.