Upcoming Senior Center Programs!

Our Senior Centers are holding classes!

A Matter of Balance - a falls prevention and exercise class
Tues and Thurs @ 10:00 am
November 7-30
Allen County (Scottsville) Senior Center (click here for flyer)

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention
Mondays and Wednesdays @ 10:00 am
Simpson County Senior Center - Dec 4-Jan 10 (click here for flyer)
Hart County Senior Center - Jan 22-Feb 28 (click here for flyer)


Community Action Head Start Annual Report 2015-16

The 2015-2016 Head Start Annual Report is now available. For any questions about this report, please contact Carla Brown at our Central Office, (270) 782-3162 ext. 231. She can also be reached via email at

What Do You Know About Open Ended Questions?


6 Ways to Avoid Teacher Burnout

Are You Feeling a Little Teacher Burn-Out?

Statistics show that nearly half of all teachers will leave the profession within five years. With that being said, Teacher Burn-Out is very real. Teacher Burn-Out has a way of creeping up out of nowhere and attacking you. It causes teachers to feel overwhelmed, to have no desire to be around other people that seem to be doing great, and to stop participating in meetings or other school events. Teachers also start to take mental health days to regroup for the final months of schools. A Burnt-Out Teacher is one who has lost their spark. The spark is something that is in a teacher’s smile when he or she greets their children. The spark is the driving force in everything we do as teachers. It carries us through the highs and the lows, the good times and the bad times. A Burnt-Out teacher is also one who complains about everything from children to parents to other staff. So, what can we do to protect ourselves from getting burnt out or crispy around the edges?

 Remember you are more than a teacher. You are someone's wife, someone’s husband, someone’s mother or father. You are someone’s sister, someone’s brother, someone’s son or daughter. Yes, you are a teacher but you are so much more than that.

 Remember it’s a job. Teaching might be the best thing that ever happened to you. It could be the best career you have. Remember teaching is an important career because you are touching young lives and influencing our future generation.

 Set boundaries and keep them. Set limits with how much you work in the evenings.

 Don’t get full of yourself. Stay humble. None of us know it all. Don’t set yourself and your class up for failure by letting your ego get in your way.

 Manage your expectations. Teaching is hard. No college class could prepare you for how hard it is. Be prepared to become a mental and emotional punching bag. You will fail. But that’s okay. Failure is a wonderful opportunity to get better.

 You will never be finished with your work. A teacher’s work is never done. There will always be something else you could be do-

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