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13 Important Facts All Teachers Should Consider:


13 Important Facts All Teachers Should Consider:

1. The 3 Cs: “Be CLEAR on your expectations for behavior and performance. Be CON-SISTENT—follow through so students know what to expect from you as a teacher. Be COMPASSIONATE—show your students that you really care about them and want them to succeed.”
2. Management Matters: “Strong classroom management is the key to teaching. No mat-ter how well you know the content, students can't learn in a chaotic environment.”
3. Routines Are Your Friends: “They should be the first things that you teach!”
4. Flexibility Rules: “Relax. Be in control. Be prepared to be flexible!”
5. Wear Comfy Shoes: “Number 1: It's all about relationships. If you make the students feel that you genuinely care about them, they'll do what you ask and then some.
6. What Andrea Willis Says Is True: “Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!”
7. Never Break a Promise: “Don't promise a child something you're not 100% sure you can come through on—they need to know you are trustworthy and that you mean what you say.”
8. You’re a Student Too: “You will learn twice as much as your kids do EVERY single day until the day you retire!”
9. Leader of the Pack: “You are the lead dog and your students are your team waiting to run the big race.”
10. Help Is Always Available: “Don't be afraid to ask for it.”
11. School Is Just a Part: “You are only one part of their lives and they won't know how important a part for many, many years.”
12. Have Faith in Yourself: “You can handle this.”
13. You’re Guarding Treasure: “Remember that parents are sending their most prized possessions. They are not hiding any others at home. They are sending their best. Re-spect that.”


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