The Tremendous Timer
Monday, March 7, 2016 at 2:49PM
Charity P.

by Carol Belcher

Using a timer in your classroom helps everyone in your room!! Having a visible, large timer can help preschoolers learn to take turns and it helps them begin to understand short periods of time. It also helps the busy, active teacher keep track of time as you move through your daily schedule. Timers make things objective and set limits, and it is a simple way for you to take charge of your classroom and push your students into focused attention on the task they are trying to complete.

Timers transform stressful transition periods, reduce resistance to routines, and increase your ability to manage your classroom. Preschoolers can begin to understand the passage of time through your use of timers and the timer becomes the ‘enforcer’ while taking the burden off of the teachers. They can turn classwork into fun and timers encourage taking turns, which as you know is an essential skill for this age group.

There are several options for timers, and you should use whatever works for you. A simple kitchen timer will do the trick, but a large, visual timer that hangs on the wall is even better for preschoolers because they can see it and check the time independently.

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