Kindergarten Readiness
Monday, March 28, 2016 at 1:32PM
Charity P.

School Readiness Means….that a child enters school (kindergarten) ready to engage in and benefit from early learning experiences that BEST promote the child’s success.

We believe that to be truly kindergarten-ready, young children need instruction and guidance in two categories of skills, not just one: developmental readiness and academic readiness.

Developmental Readiness is made up of the skills that allow children to function in a school environment. Can children play attention, work well with others, exhibit self-regulation, and communicate their thoughts and feelings.? Critical for success in kindergarten and beyond, these skills enable children to focus on other learning tasks, and encompass: social emotional development, language development, and gross/fine motor skills.

Academic Readiness is made up of the skills that allow children to successfully learn foundational academic concepts and skills. Do children have an awareness of concepts of print, alphabet knowledge, and numbers? Have children been exposed to complex vocabulary words and rich content area topics? Equally critical for success, these skills serve as the academic foundation for all the learning yet to come, and encompass: emergent reading, mathematics, science, and other content areas.

Information taken from the 2016: The State of Kindergarten Readiness

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