New Day Housing Program

Our Purpose:

New Day Housing Program is designed to assist homeless 1) women with children 2) families with permanent housing. This program will strive to empower these families to build a foundation to achieve stability, economic security, and move out of poverty.

If you have any questions that this page doesn't answer, or are interested in applying, please call Melissa Grimes at (270)782-3162 or email her at You can also stop by our office for a visit at 921 Beauty Avenue, Bowling Green.

The Need for the Program:

  • 29% of the families in Community Action's Community Services programs in Warren County are Single Mothers.
  • Single mothers are nearly five times more likely to be poor than married couples.
  • Child Poverty costs the US economy more than $500 billion annually.
  • 83% of families receiving assistance from Community Action of Southern Kentucky in Warren County are earning below the National Poverty Guideline. For example, a family of four earns less than $2,022 per month. Many of the families we see do not earn near that amount.
  • There are very few resources for paying the first month's rent or deposits for homeless families.

What We Provide:

  • Applications for families interested in the program
  • Resources and referral to other needed services (e.g., Head Start for young children, Transportation, or services not offered by Community Action)
  • Supportive services
  • In the first six months:
    • Intensive case management, including monthly check-ins and two to three home visits
    • Services if needed:
      • One-on-one budgeting
      • Food assistance
      • Transportation passes for GO bg Transit
      • Employment assistance
  • Months 6 to 18:
    • Case management including quarterly check-ins and two to three home visits

Qualifying for the Program:

  • Must have wage income, but income may not exceed 125% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • Family must meet the definition of HUD homelessness.
  • Show some indication of ability and interest in housing stability and commitment to case management.
  • Commit to the program contract guidelines
  • Single mothers with children are the top priority
  • A letter of recommendation from an employer or community member in support of the family will also be considered.


In order to assist us in this program, landlords must be willing to agree to the following:

  • Commit to the program for two years per family placed.
  • Provide safe, clean rental housing with a signed lease.
  • Meet with Case Manager and family to re-evaluate the lease or agreement at one year for compliance nd renewal.
  • Give Community Action utility history.
  • Waive deposit and first month's rent.
  • Agree on an incremental percentage increase on the monthly amount the tenant will pay in rent over time if needed.

Success stories:

Shawna McCain was one of our first clients in the New Day program. The partnerships we have already established with local realtors and landlords has put a roof over Shawna's head that she can afford, and is now able to raise her daughter in a safe environment while being a productive member of our community! She has been an inspiration to everyone she meets, including staff at Community Action's Central Office!

If you'd like to read more about Shawna's story, click here to read the Daily News's full article!