LIHEAP - Subsidy

With our LIHEAP Subsidy program, we strive to assist all eligible households with their home heating costs by providing a one-time benefit, payable to your heating vendor. To download the following information, please click here.

Eligibility Requirements for LIHEAP Subsidy

To qualify for assistance with our LIHEAP Subsidy program...

  1. Your household income must be at or below the following, relative to household size:
    Household Size Gross Monthly Income Household Size Gross Monthly Income
    1 $1,307 5 $3,118
    2 $1,760 6 $3,571
    3 $2,213 7 $4,024
    4 $2,665 8 $4,477
    (Add $453 for each additional family member above 8)
  2. You must be responsible for home heating costs or pay heating costs as an undesignated portion of rent.
  3. And you must not have liquid resources in excess of $2,000 or $3,000 if at least one person in the household is 60 years old or older or disabled. (However, in households where a member has a catastrophic illness, the liquid resources can be as much as $4,000, when the resources are being used on a regular basis for medical and living expenses).

Application Process

Applications for LIHEAP Subsidy will be taken between November 6 and December 15, 2017 at your local Community Services office or designated sites in each county.

Applicants must bring the following:

  1. Most recent heating bill or verification that heating expenses are included in the rent
  2. Social Security Numbers or Permanent Residence Card Number (green card) for each member of the household
  3. Proof of all household income from the preceding month
  4. The account number and name on the account for main heating fuel sources and electric

Applicants who are unable to apply for themselves must contact the local community action to make other arrangements. If the designated representative is not the head of household or spouse, the representative must have a signed statement giving authorization to apply for the household. Individuals without a designated representative should contact the local community action agency which may be able to assist them in finding one. Only one person from each household should apply.

Application Period for LIHEAP Subsidy

Applications for our LIHEAP Subsidy program will be taken during the period November 1, 2016 through December 9, 2016. Applications will be taken in alphabetical order based on the first letter of the head of household's last name using the following schedule:

Date Last Name Date Last Name Date Last Name
Nov 6 A Nov 20 H Dec 4 M
Nov 7 B Nov 21 H Dec 5 N
Nov 8 B Nov 22 Staff Day Dec 6 O, P
Nov 9 C Nov 23 Closed - Thanksgiving Dec 7 Q, R
Nov 10 Closed - Veteran's Day Nov 24 Closed - Agency Holiday Dec 8 Open
Nov 13 C Nov 27 I, J Dec 11 S
Nov 14 D,E Nov 28 K Dec 12 T
Nov 15 F Nov 29 L Dec 13 U, V, W
Nov 16 G Nov 30 M Dec 4 M
Nov 17 Open Dec 1 Open Dec 15 Open

Open days mean any letters are able to schedule for that day. For a downloadable calendar, please click here.

Benefits Provided

The benefit amount that a household receives will be based on its level of poverty and the type of fuel used for heating. Those households with the lowest incomes that use the fuel with the highest heating season costs will receive the highest benefit. All eligible households will receive a benefit. Benefits will be in the form of vouchers made payable to the household's primary heating fuel vendor.

Client Referrals

Clients requesting additional information regarding either component of the FY 2017-2018 LIHEAP program should be referred to their local Community Action agency or Community Action Kentucky (CAK), toll-free number 1-800-456-3452 (TTY available for the hearing impaired).

Applicant Rights

Each applicant will be informed of their rights should they be denied assistance. Any applicant who wishes to appeal the case should be informed by local community action agency staff of the procedures for filing a complaint. Should the applicant not be satisfied with the local decision, they may further appeal to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services.

For more information, contact your local Community Services office.