Foster Grandparent Program

The Foster Grandparents Program matches up seniors with children who have special needs such as abuse, neglect, physical, mental, or emotional disabilities as well as those who are in the juvenile justice system. They provide individual attention and assistance 15 - 40 hours per week. They attend 20 hours of pre-service training and monthly in- service trainings thereafter. Currently, approximately 75 Foster Grandparents serve at 45 stations, which include schools, Head Start centers, and other non-profit facilities.

Who benefits?

The children benefit from the program as well as the Foster Grandparents. Children of all ages can improve with the interaction and wisdom that grandparents offer. The grandparents gain self-confidence and retain their sense of worth through the daily activity of helping our communities' youth. Income-eligible Foster Grandparents receive a small tax-free stipend which does not affect their current benefits, such as Social Security. Other benefits include reimbursement for transportation, meals during service, annual physical examinations, and insurance while on duty.

Advisory Council

An Advisory Council comprised of 15 - 20 community members assist the program with finances, recognition, public relations, and other areas. Advisory members serve a three-year term and attend six council meetings a year.

Funding Source

The program, sponsored by Community Action of Southern Kentucky, Inc., receives an annual grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service. In kind contributions and fundraising activities provide vital support for the program.