Family Self-Sufficiency

Low-income families in Kentucky, especially single-parent families, experience many obstacles in their efforts to attain economic self-sufficiency. Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) believes that a family-based, developmentally supportive program of case management will help low-income families increase their economic self-sufficiency and decrease their dependence on public assistance.

KHC’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program consists of families who enter into a five-year contract of participation that requires them to:

  • Seek and maintain employment.
  • Attend a comprehensive homeownership counseling program.
  • Remain welfare-free for one year prior to expiration of contract.
  • When receiving governmental housing assistance, as earned income increases, so will the amount of rent owed. However, FSS Program participants have the advantage of KHC crediting monthly deposits and interest payments and placing those in an escrow account (similar to a savings account that earns interest). Because owning a home is a very beneficial investment, participants are encouraged to use this savings as a down payment on a house.

For more information, please contact the county coordinator for your county (information found on our Locations page), or contact Melanie Lawrence, CSBG Program Manager, at (270) 782-3162 ext. 244.